Season 2

Margaret Claveau | Grief & Loss Support Counselling

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01:36 – Are you or somebody you know interested in being a guest on the Mountain Life Podcast? Visit and complete the form telling us why you’d make a great guest.
03:10 – Margaret starts with how she ended up living in the Bow Valley (hint: the morning sunshine sealed the deal).
05:05 – Margaret looks back on how her childhood experiences helped her to trust in the future, even amidst change and uncertainty.
06:20 – Margaret discusses her early years in the Bow Valley (with her four cats in tow!).
07:45 – Margaret talks about how she became involved in forming a women’s group and how several members, including Margaret, still meet up 21 years later.
09:40 – Margaret and Jason talk about how much Canmore has changed over the years.
11:40 – Margaret tells of her love of learning and how this frames her work today.
12:23 – Margaret touches on her education and training to become a grief & loss support counsellor.
13:02 – Margaret talks about the unique aspects of grief counselling and gives some examples of therapeutic techniques and processes.
15:31 – Jason discusses what he learned from Margaret’s LunchBox Lecture at E=MC2 and contemplates how unresolved grief often leads to further emotional pain down the road.
17:22 – Margaret provides a startling statistic, then introduces us to “companioning” in grief & loss support counselling.
18:52 – Break to talk about our sponsor, the E=MC2 CoWork space in Canmore. Check us out with a free space for your first day, attend a Wednesday LunchBox lecture, or visit us for wind down Fridays.
Learn more at
21:13 – Jason and Margaret examine the connection between the creative arts and healing.
25:02 – Margaret answers the question, Why the focus on grief and loss? She relates to past experiences and her wonderment at the strength and courage of others.
28:24 – Margaret lists her favorite recreational activities in the Bow Valley and discusses her love for nature.
29:55 – Margaret introduces us to a Canmore Seniors hiking group called the Meanderthals.
32:00 – Connect with Margaret’s practice, You Are Not Alone – Bow Valley, by email at or call 403-678-1927.


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