Season 2

Patricia Lavelle | Bow Valley Psychologist

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2:45 – Patricia talks about her move to Canmore from Edmonton and how her life went through a major change
3:45 – Patricia makes a complete life change to work in Canmore at a pain clinic
4:30 – Patricia has a change in her career and decided to start her private practice, most of her work was contract work
5:30 – Patricia’s practice changes, focuses more on couples. The part of it was prompted by a book by Dr. Sue Johnson called Hold Me Tight.
6:05 – Patricia has mixed results; decides to take on more training
7:00 – Patricia talks about her divorce, and how she feels like her work with couples feels very much like a calling
10:00 – Patricia talks about how her job really helped with her transition. She had a social circle
10:30 – Patricia talks about moving to Canmore and how there is a challenge making connections especially when you are a sole practitioner. This is a pretty common thing when people move to the Bow Valley
11:30 – Patricia talks about getting involved in interests groups has helped her develop her social network.
14:00 – Patricia talks about the difficulty living here, trying to make ends meet and not having time to enjoy the outdoors.
14:50 – Patricia talks about the guilt factor when you work here. You feel like you need to be out there, but can’t. You gotta work!
15:30 – Patricia talks about some of the difficulties of living in a resort town like Canmore.
17:05 – Three ways for you to check out E=MC2: Come in and check out the space for free your first day. Lunch box lectures every Wednesday, and Wind Down Fridays.
21:28 – Patricia talks about what keeps psychology interesting and exciting to her
22:05 – Patricia discusses how science is supporting the psychology of mindfulness practice
25:00 – Patricia talks about how wellness is becoming mainstream. Even diet can affect who you are.
25:46 – Patricia talks about the view of psychology and how it needs to continue to change.
28:15 – Patricia talks about how psychologists are doing a better job of making their services most accessible.
29:00 – Patricia talks about the signals that we get from life (sensation, warning, a problem, or a crisis).
31:11 – Patricia talks about hiking, backpacking, pilates, yoga, skiing, reading.
32:50 – Find Patricia at |
33:49 – The Hold Me Tight (May 4 – 6 @ The Canmore Opera House) (Nov 2 – 4 @ The Canmore Opera House)
34:30 – Private couple retreats over a weekend in Canmore

Places, people and events mentioned:


Dr. Sue Johnson
Hold Me Tight
Jon Kabat Zinn
Eye Movement Desensitization
Cheryl Richardson – Extreme Self Care