Season 2

Dr. Cheryl Cooper | Naturopathic Doctor | Entrepreneur

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1:35 – Cheryl opens with her background and reasons for her relocation from Ottawa to Canmore.
5:40 – Cheryl takes us through her first few months in Ottawa, including her position at Concencio.
7:20 – Cheryl talks about the unique medical model at Concencio, which is rooted in integration and collaboration.
10:24 – Cheryl talks about her areas of focus and expertise when treating patients.
11:50 – Cheryl tells us more about her personal story and family life, and how this frames her work in 15:36 – health and wellness.
19:20 – Cheryl discusses her life as a serial entrepreneur.
20:49 – Cheryl gives an overview of hydrotherapy as a healing modality.
21:40 – Cheryl talks about plans and progress in developing a hydrotherapy spa facility (anticipated completion in Fall 2019).
24:58 – Cheryl talks about her role in organizing the Canmore Health and Wellness Festival to be held in October 2018.
27:55 – Cheryl gives us her perspective of the health outlook for those of us living in the Bow Valley. 29:29 – Cheryl tells us how she stays balanced in her day-to-day life and talks about recent local indulgences: Wild Heart Canmore and Mount Engadine Lodge.


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