Jane Sullivan | Coordinator and Primo Elf

Jane Sullivan Jane Sullivan is a Coordinator & Primo Elf for the Christmas Spirit Campaign. Jane shares her experience on getting involved and encourages residents of our community to take pride in volunteering and consider helping those in need during the Christmas season. Show Notes 1:04 – Jane develops on her life and career background. […]

Kymberley Hill | PR and Communications Director

Kymberley Hill Facebook Twitter Linkedin Kymberley Hill is a PR and Communications professional who runs a small Public Relations and Communications Company in Bow Alley. Being well-established PR expert in Northern England she decided to move into Calgary where she feels very passioned about the actual commitments. Kym is a life-enthusiast and adventure-seeker who adores getting […]

Rachael Meckling | Fashion Illustrator and Designer

Rachael Meckling Instagram Rachael Meckling is an illustrator & designer with a focus on fashion communication and graphic design. She is full-time freelance fashion artist, designer & live Illustrator (portrait Sketcher). Rachael shares her rebellious life & work story in the most humblest, kindest of ways. Show Notes 2:30 – Jason asks Rachael to describe […]

Justin Deoliveira | Software Developer

Justin Deoliveira Justin Deoliveira is a Software Developer and Engineer passionate about the computer science industry. Justin has a great story – working and travelling as well as setting up his own consulting business. Justin landed in Canmore where he feels his heart resonates the most. He shares his thoughts on work-life balance, living in […]

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