Kymberley Hill | PR and Communications Director

Kymberley Hill Facebook Twitter Linkedin Kymberley Hill is a PR and Communications professional who runs a small Public Relations and Communications Company in Bow Alley. Being well-established PR expert in Northern England she decided to move into Calgary where she feels very passioned about the actual commitments. Kym is a life-enthusiast and adventure-seeker who adores getting […]

Sunshine Chen | Storytelling Through Video

Sunshine Chen talks about his conversion to the mountains and outdoor lifestyle after doing a residency at the Banff Centre. Sunshine’s zest for life, appreciation for beauty, and being present is infectious and really comes through in this episode. [su_box title=”Show Notes” style=”soft”] Sunshine was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and his family migrated to Canada […]

Chris McCorrister | LOV Media

Chris hails from Winnipeg Manitoba and has been coming to the Bow Valley to snowboard and mountain bike. Chris builds niche websites and platforms for various lifestyle-oriented businesses. [su_box title=”Show Notes” style=”soft”] When he got married, Chris and his wife Candace settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Together, they visited the Bow Valley many times, sometimes staying […]

Stephanie O’Brian | Carmella Consulting

Stephanie O’Brian: From superstar competitive athlete to amazing mom and social media entrepreneur. Stephanie takes us through her experience moving to Canmore as a teenager, raising a young family, and running a successful social media agency in Canmore. [su_box title=”Show Notes” style=”soft”] Stephanie started skiing when she was just one year old! At the age […]

Wanda Bogdane | Plaid Goat and Aspire Strategic Inc.

Wanda Bogdane: PR and Media strategist, mountain biking thrill-seeker and the founder of the Plaid Goat Mountain Festival. Learn how Wanda came to Canmore through her love for climbing, how she adds value to her clients through her PR and Media savvy and her new project of love; the Plaid Goat. [su_box title=”Show Notes” style=”soft”] […]

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