Season 2

Trish Tutton | Mindfulness Teacher

Trish Tutton has been in the Bow Valley for just over seven years and she has something incredible to share with all of us about mindfulness. As a yoga and meditation instructor, she talks about how she has brought mindfulness strategies to the corporate world. We cover her story, her business, and talk a little bit about back-country camping.

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • Backcountry camping
Season 2

Misty Kendal | Sommelier

Misty Kendal and her husband James have lived in the Bow Valley for quite some time and have had a number of wonderful experiences working in hospitality in some of the most coveted places in Canada. Misty talks about her work life, raising a family, and of course, wine.

  • Raising a young family in the Bow Valley
  • Travelling
  • Hospitality
  • Wine
  • Becoming a Sommelier
Season 2

Matt Brosnan | Canmore River Adventures

Matt left England to teach how to ski and I guess you can say it snowballed from there. Matt talks about how his love for the outdoors unfolded and resulted in years of traveling all over the world doing what he loves. He talks about the joys and challenges of running his own adventure company here in the Bow Valley, Canmore River Adventures.

  • Bow Valley Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • River Guiding
  • Canmore River Tours
  • Moving to Canada from Europe
  • Travel
  • Outdoor Adventure
Season 2

John Eneas | Staff Sergeant RCMP

Season 2

Norbert Meier | Executive Coach

Season 2

Ken Koob | Community Futures


  • 00:38 – Jason introduces Ken Koob with Community Futures, an organization that provides small business advisory services and lending opportunities for rural communities.
  • 03:10 – Ken and Jason discuss the geographic jurisdictions served by Community Futures Centre West in Alberta.
  • 06:54 – Ken details his role as the Business Development Advisor, and emphasizes important lending criteria for potential clients (borrowing limit of $150,000; previously declined funding from at least one financial institution).
  • 09:18 – Jason and Ken talk about the demographics served by Community Futures Centre West, including specific programming for disability and youth.
  • 11:52 – Ken walks us through the lending process, highlighting the importance of due diligence in decision-making (key players include the business plan and Equifax score). Community Futures charges a 1% fee to submit a lending application.
  • 14:38 – Jason and Ken elaborate on the types of business advisory services offered by Community Futures Centre West.
  • 18:08 – Break to talk about our sponsor, the E=MC2 CoWork space in Canmore. Check us out with a free space for your first day, attend a Wednesday LunchBox lecture, or visit us for wind down Fridays.
    Learn more at
  • 20:38 – Jason asks Ken about the role of character in decision-making. Ken describes what he looks for as he assesses the character of potential borrowers.
  • 23:11 – Jason brings up the role of timing in submitting an application for financing. Ken advises entrepreneurs and business owners to approach Community Futures sooner (not later) for banking options and small business counseling.
  • 26:57 – Ken travels back in time to describe his early days in the financial industry (commercial lending), including a stint with the oil and gas industry.
  • 34:05 – Ken touches on the challenges that he sees in the world of entrepreneurship in our area: affordability of commercial space, spill-over from the economic downturn in Calgary, high competition in certain industries, legislative impact on staffing costs.
  • 38:45 – Jason and Ken talk about the value of forethought and planning in entrepreneurship.
  • 40:20 – You can learn more about Community Futures Centre West by visiting Connect directly with Ken Koob by email at (preferred) or phone at 403-437-0904.
Season 2

Rachel Gurney | Investment Advisor

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02:50 – Jason introduces this week’s guest, Rachel Gurney. Rachel starts with how, in her early 20s, she decided to leave her home in Toronto and follow the call of the West.

08:16 – Rachel gives some thoughts on the community of Canmore, her favorite recreational activities, and experience so far raising a daughter outside of a big city.

11:44 – Rachel describes her work at Nesbitt Burns as a financial planner and investment advisor for Canmore’s families and business owners.

13:13 – Rachel tells why she loves what she does; Jason looks back at Rachel’s LunchBox Lecture at the E=MC2 CoWork Space in Canmore ( which prompts a discussion about the quest for knowledge, and how this quest drives Rachel forward in the fast-moving investment field.

16:58 – Break for our sponsor, Canmore’s E=MC2 CoWork space. Where else can you go for a hike, or jump on a snowboard, and then plug in and hit the computer …all in one day? Check out E=MC2 with a free space for your first day, attend a Wednesday LunchBox lecture, or visit us for wind down Fridays. Learn more at Interested in checking us out? Click HERE for directions and address for E=MC2.

19:27 – Rachel discusses exciting things on the horizon, including her interest in the social governance side of investing. Jason and Rachel review the acronym ESG (environmental, social, governance).

22:22 – Rachel gives a rundown of a typical day as an Investment Advisor, talks mountain biking (shout out to the Canmore Cycling Club), and discusses her dog’s popularity around town.

29:55 – Rachel recommends checking out a running group offered by the new running store in town, Strides.

31:05 – To get in touch with Rachel Gurney, please call her directly by phone at 403-678-9693.


Season 2

Margaret Claveau | Grief & Loss Support Counselling

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01:36 – Are you or somebody you know interested in being a guest on the Mountain Life Podcast? Visit and complete the form telling us why you’d make a great guest.
03:10 – Margaret starts with how she ended up living in the Bow Valley (hint: the morning sunshine sealed the deal).
05:05 – Margaret looks back on how her childhood experiences helped her to trust in the future, even amidst change and uncertainty.
06:20 – Margaret discusses her early years in the Bow Valley (with her four cats in tow!).
07:45 – Margaret talks about how she became involved in forming a women’s group and how several members, including Margaret, still meet up 21 years later.
09:40 – Margaret and Jason talk about how much Canmore has changed over the years.
11:40 – Margaret tells of her love of learning and how this frames her work today.
12:23 – Margaret touches on her education and training to become a grief & loss support counsellor.
13:02 – Margaret talks about the unique aspects of grief counselling and gives some examples of therapeutic techniques and processes.
15:31 – Jason discusses what he learned from Margaret’s LunchBox Lecture at E=MC2 and contemplates how unresolved grief often leads to further emotional pain down the road.
17:22 – Margaret provides a startling statistic, then introduces us to “companioning” in grief & loss support counselling.
18:52 – Break to talk about our sponsor, the E=MC2 CoWork space in Canmore. Check us out with a free space for your first day, attend a Wednesday LunchBox lecture, or visit us for wind down Fridays.
Learn more at
21:13 – Jason and Margaret examine the connection between the creative arts and healing.
25:02 – Margaret answers the question, Why the focus on grief and loss? She relates to past experiences and her wonderment at the strength and courage of others.
28:24 – Margaret lists her favorite recreational activities in the Bow Valley and discusses her love for nature.
29:55 – Margaret introduces us to a Canmore Seniors hiking group called the Meanderthals.
32:00 – Connect with Margaret’s practice, You Are Not Alone – Bow Valley, by email at or call 403-678-1927.


Season 2

Dr. Cheryl Cooper | Naturopathic Doctor | Entrepreneur

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1:35 – Cheryl opens with her background and reasons for her relocation from Ottawa to Canmore.
5:40 – Cheryl takes us through her first few months in Ottawa, including her position at Concencio.
7:20 – Cheryl talks about the unique medical model at Concencio, which is rooted in integration and collaboration.
10:24 – Cheryl talks about her areas of focus and expertise when treating patients.
11:50 – Cheryl tells us more about her personal story and family life, and how this frames her work in 15:36 – health and wellness.
19:20 – Cheryl discusses her life as a serial entrepreneur.
20:49 – Cheryl gives an overview of hydrotherapy as a healing modality.
21:40 – Cheryl talks about plans and progress in developing a hydrotherapy spa facility (anticipated completion in Fall 2019).
24:58 – Cheryl talks about her role in organizing the Canmore Health and Wellness Festival to be held in October 2018.
27:55 – Cheryl gives us her perspective of the health outlook for those of us living in the Bow Valley. 29:29 – Cheryl tells us how she stays balanced in her day-to-day life and talks about recent local indulgences: Wild Heart Canmore and Mount Engadine Lodge.


Contact Dr. Cheryl Cooper at or visit

Season 2

Patricia Lavelle | Bow Valley Psychologist

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2:45 – Patricia talks about her move to Canmore from Edmonton and how her life went through a major change
3:45 – Patricia makes a complete life change to work in Canmore at a pain clinic
4:30 – Patricia has a change in her career and decided to start her private practice, most of her work was contract work
5:30 – Patricia’s practice changes, focuses more on couples. The part of it was prompted by a book by Dr. Sue Johnson called Hold Me Tight.
6:05 – Patricia has mixed results; decides to take on more training
7:00 – Patricia talks about her divorce, and how she feels like her work with couples feels very much like a calling
10:00 – Patricia talks about how her job really helped with her transition. She had a social circle
10:30 – Patricia talks about moving to Canmore and how there is a challenge making connections especially when you are a sole practitioner. This is a pretty common thing when people move to the Bow Valley
11:30 – Patricia talks about getting involved in interests groups has helped her develop her social network.
14:00 – Patricia talks about the difficulty living here, trying to make ends meet and not having time to enjoy the outdoors.
14:50 – Patricia talks about the guilt factor when you work here. You feel like you need to be out there, but can’t. You gotta work!
15:30 – Patricia talks about some of the difficulties of living in a resort town like Canmore.
17:05 – Three ways for you to check out E=MC2: Come in and check out the space for free your first day. Lunch box lectures every Wednesday, and Wind Down Fridays.
21:28 – Patricia talks about what keeps psychology interesting and exciting to her
22:05 – Patricia discusses how science is supporting the psychology of mindfulness practice
25:00 – Patricia talks about how wellness is becoming mainstream. Even diet can affect who you are.
25:46 – Patricia talks about the view of psychology and how it needs to continue to change.
28:15 – Patricia talks about how psychologists are doing a better job of making their services most accessible.
29:00 – Patricia talks about the signals that we get from life (sensation, warning, a problem, or a crisis).
31:11 – Patricia talks about hiking, backpacking, pilates, yoga, skiing, reading.
32:50 – Find Patricia at |
33:49 – The Hold Me Tight (May 4 – 6 @ The Canmore Opera House) (Nov 2 – 4 @ The Canmore Opera House)
34:30 – Private couple retreats over a weekend in Canmore

Places, people and events mentioned:


Dr. Sue Johnson
Hold Me Tight
Jon Kabat Zinn
Eye Movement Desensitization
Cheryl Richardson – Extreme Self Care