Season 1

Elaine McPherson | e=mc2

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  • Elaine talks about setting up a coworking space in Canmore (1:00)
  • Elaine talks about how she came to Canmore (2:45)
  • Elaine’s son Shane, is a photographer and had an interest in video and photography for most of his life and did a program called Through the Lens (6:00)
  • Elaine talks about both of her businesses – e=mc2 and the accounting business (11:00)
  • Coworking movement has only become popular in the last 10 – 15 years. (11:27)
  • Coworking offers an opportunity for people to share ideas (11:40)
  • Coworking is a way for Elaine works toward her core purpose to help people find their place in the wor1d (14:02)
  • Elaine talks about how working for yourself leaves little time for other things and there are trade-offs (18:28)
  • Will be looking for a community manager at some point (20:46)
  • Elaine talks about hiking the outdoors and sunshine meadows (22:00)
  • Elaine talks about various Canmore summer events. Find Elaine and the family watching the Canada Day parade from The Wood (24:50)


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