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Jade Ansley | Project A Pop Up

Jade Ansley tells us how she got the idea for an innovative artisan gift store while she was developing as an artist herself. Jade was born and raised in Canmore; we talk about how Canmore has changed and ultimately what brought her home. Project A has moved to a permanent location on Main Street. Find this wonderful and unique store at:

710 Main Street
Canmore, Alberta

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Jade was born and raised in Canmore. Her parents moved here in the ‘80s,
fell in love with the place and stayed forever.

Jade discovered her love for art as a kid. In search of life in a bigger
city, she chose to go to art school in New Brunswick College of Craft
and Design, where she studied jewellery and later did a self-directed
business program.

She lived in Toronto for a couple of years and toyed with the idea of
settling in the East but decided to come back home.

Project A is a gallery and gift shop, selling and promoting work by
emerging artists. Jade felt inspired to create a place that gives
artists the opportunity to make a living from their creativity.

Unlike mass-produced products, with hand-made craft, each piece is
unique. Jade loves to watch people spend time picking the perfect item.

Project A opened on June 1st, 2017. Jade is currently on a short-term
lease but looks forward to staying on Main Street permanently.*

Her dream for Project A is to run workshops and events. An opportunity
for vendors and makers to come pop up in her space, creating a community
of different people, different businesses, different products.

Jade is no longer making jewellery simply because she doesn’t have the
time to make it while running Project A. Helping other artists is her

In the summer she loves swimming and camping. In the winter, she is a

Her favourite spot for swimming is the Quarry, but she is yet to explore
a new place somewhere on the way to Lake Louise.

Jade encourages aspiring artists to contact her. Just be brave and
introduce yourself to whatever gallery you’re interested in.

*Update: The shop is no longer a pop up but a permanent fixture at 710 Main Street


Places, people and events mentioned:


Project A Facebook Page
New Brunswick Collage of Art and Design



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