Jane Sullivan

Jane Sullivan is a Coordinator & Primo Elf for the Christmas Spirit Campaign. Jane shares her experience on getting involved and encourages residents of our community to take pride in volunteering and consider helping those in need during the Christmas season.

  • 1:04 – Jane develops on her life and career background. Jane shares her thoughts on moving from Toronto to Canmore and ongoing desire to develop her career in tourism hospitality.
  • 6:00 – Jason asks Jane on her ways of coping with work activities and family life when she moved to Alberta. Jane thinks that Alberta is a really good place to look for work opportunities. The town has a lot to offer
  • 9:14 – Jane talks about her working and volunteering life in Canmore. Jane does event coordination on a contract basis and has been very involved in the Bow Valley Christmas Spirit campaign.
  • 13:25 – Jane talks more about the campaign she is working on at the moment as it incorporates personal values with professional life. She encourages listeners to volunteer or help financially. Volunteering for the program provides a great opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge
  • 16:55 – Jason reflects on Christmas, being a time of the year when we feel more sensitive and concerned for the needs of others.
  • 17:35 – Jane develops more on families who are in need and ways on how the community helps. 
  • 19:30 – There are several ways of helping: either by nominating the family that needs support or by direct support. Jane adds up and, again, puts huge pressure on involving into volunteering; fantastic volunteering example of school people delivering Christmas gifts to families (a dedicated Christmas gift-giving programme which focuses on connecting different generations by helping, donating, giving, sharing).
  • 22:56 – Jane talks on favourite ways of spending time while being semi-retired. Jane is much into cycling, skiing and of course walking and hiking.
  • 24:50 – Huge thanks and words of appreciation to Jane for the commitment, thoughts on her work on the Christmas Spirit Campaign.

In this Episode

  • Tourism hospitality
  • Volunteering
  • Olympics activities
  • Looking for career opportunities
  • Contract work
  • Event planning
  • Bow Alley Christmas Spirit Campaign
  • Charitable Work
  • Helping families in the Bow Valley