Nancy O'Hare

Nancy O’Hare is the Author, Writer and World Traveller who has visited over seventy countries and lived across five continents. O’Hare coupled nearly twenty-year career in finance with her passion for diverse cultures, which propelled her to seek out unique experiences. Nancy and her husband have transitioned from a corporate career to pursue their creative pursuits and explore our planet. Finally, reaching to the greatest and writing up two fantastic books – “Dust in My Pack” & “Searching for Unique”.

  • 1:00- Short introduction to Nancy. Jason starts with asking Nancy on how she landed in Bow Alley. Nancy explains that several things made her and her husband coming back to Calmore; culture, medical system, being close to the airport.
  • 3:27 – Nancy talks through how she coped with being new to writing and how the local library and Canmore writing group helped in reaching the literature and giving feedback.
  • 5:16 – Jason dives more into Nancy’s background and having spent 18 years living abroad. Nancy talks us through her financial background, her first step abroad was atransfer over to Australia to work for Deloitte, one of the biggest corporate companies in the world. She then after went to Asia, Africa and the UK.
  • 8:37 – Nancy continues on her travelling experiences. She mentions that interactions with people helped her in her career development and reaching the places she aimed to. Nancy then spent a few months in Ecuador, Qatar and ended up living in Oman.
  • 10:35 – Nancy shares her further international travelling related stories. Her next adventure was in Switzerland. Nancy punches line saying that all that travelling and living in different countries set up her writing passion.
  • 14:18 – Nancy says that her and her husband wanted that flexibility and desire of having control of the energy spent day-by-day. Nancy had the outgoing desire to go the different path and finally decided to dive into writing about dynamic, fun and travel-related stuff.
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  • 18:22 – Jason asks Nancy about her transition into travel writing and passion to do so.
  • 22:28 – The whole of Nancy’s and her husband world travelling journey sounds like a dream. Jason puts a question to Nancy about where it all comes from, what was the focal point of starting this way of living. Nancy explains that it was her father, who travelled a lot for business, who implanted the desire to do so as well as a passion for challenges and exotic cultures.
  • 26:23 – Jason shares his experience on building network abroad while travelling. People are afraid to get to know you closer as of fact that they know you are going to leave.
  • 29:10 – Jason asks Nancy about her actual life in Bow Alley. Nancy is much focused on writing at the moment while still looking for occasions to travel.
  • 31:02 – Jason mentions the two publications of Nancy asking on motives for writing them. Nancy talks through her two books and touches on different chapters containing different experiences.
  • 36:18 – Jason asks Nancy talk on how she established an idea of starting to writing. Nancy shares her motives, advice and challenges she appointed.
  • 41:05 – Jason and Nancy discuss future plans. Nancy thinks it probably will be travelling and writing while commenting that “time will show”. Stay tuned for more!

In this Episode

  • Book Writing
  • Finance Career
  • Travelling the World
  • Intense life-living
  • Travel Writing
  • Self-publishing
  • “Dust in My Pack” by Nancy O’Hare
  • “Searching for Unique” by Nancy O’Hare