Rachael Meckling

Rachael Meckling is an illustrator & designer with a focus on fashion communication and graphic design. She is full-time freelance fashion artist, designer & live Illustrator (portrait Sketcher). Rachael shares her rebellious life & work story in the most humblest, kindest of ways.

  • 2:30 – Jason asks Rachael to describe her vocation. Rachael talks about her work as a fashion illustrator, painter and graphic designer
  • 4:07 – Rachael describes sources she takes inspiration from. She loves drawing faces but most favourite is drawing clothing and fabrics
  • 8:44 – Jason and Rachael talk about what it’s like to have an agent and the role they can play to help artists with their business. Rachael describes how her agent works with her, works with clients, and helps in many aspects related to Rachel’s business.
  • 13:20 – Jason asks Rachael to describe how her daily routine looks like. Rachael shares her daily habits and set-up each day.
  • 16:24 – Rachael talks about why fashion illustration makes sense for her living in the mountains rather than a cosmopolitan environment
  • 21:08 – Rachael and Jason discuss on the correlation health and well being being surrounded in nature.
  • 23:08 – Break to talk about our sponsor, the E=MC2 CoWork space in Canmore. Check us out with a free space for your first day, attend a Wednesday LunchBox lecture, or visit us for wind down Fridays.
  • 25:38 –  Rachael shares details on working on commission projects. She touches on pricing her work explaining that working with her agent has allowed her to properly value her work.
  • 31:55 – Rachael talks about how she balances out the commissioned work with her own projects. Rachael gives us her strategy of being just a little bit rebellious allows her to switch between client work and personal work.
  • 35:50 – Rachael shares her favourite ways of spending time outside. It’s just healing being outdoors and it has lots of advantages in her opinion.

In this Episode

  • Fashion design or illustration
  • Freelance work
  • Portrait sketching
  • Art
  • Creativity
  • Working in style
  • How to stay motivated and creative