Season 2

Tara Koenig | Yoga Instructor | CYAN

Tara Koenig is known as an authentic various yoga styles teacher, passionate about connection, creation and community development in Canmore. Tara talks about how important the 18 – 35 year-old demographic is to the Bow Valley and her work with Canmore Young Adults Network (CYAN).

Be Sure to Listen if You are Interested in:

  • Yoga
  • Teaching Yoga
  • Volunteering
  • Training
  • Connection
  • Creation
  • Community
  • Canmore Young Adults Network (CYAN)
  • Affordable Living

Show Notes

  • 0:43 – Introduction of Tara Koenig. Tara’s gives her background and her reasons for choosing the Bow Valley as home.
  • 4:24 – Tara continues talking about moving into Banff and opportunities that came along with yoga teacher training.
  • 5:19 – Tara about BanffLIFE programme being about integrating young adults into the mountain community and education on the special circumstances that come along with living in a National Park.
  • 6:57 – Jason and Tara discussing connection aspects touching on making friends locally and globally.
  • 7:53 – Tara talks about her passion for yoga, different styles she teaches and career progression.
  • 12:57 – Jason asks Tara about life in Banff and how it could be compared with living in Canmore. Tara describes Banff as a more tourist destination with a higher level of energy within the town; Canmore feels more spread out with less touristic tension although larger town population.
  • 16:05 – Break to talk about our sponsor, the E=MC2 CoWork space in Canmore. Check us out with a free space for your first day, attend a Wednesday LunchBox lecture, or visit us for wind down Fridays.
  • 19:51 – Jason brings up the Canmore Young Adult Network organization and asks about its role in the community. Tara continues talking about its mission, values and services offered by the organization.
  • 28:27 – Jason asks Tara for her personal motivation that connects her to the community in CYAN.
  • 29:56 – Tara details on how to connect with the organization. There are different ways to help and get involved; take part in CYAN events and reach out to the community members.
  • 34:04 – Jason and Tara discuss the outdoor activities in Bow Alley asking Tara about her and her partners’ hobbies and interests.
  • 36:29 – Tara encourages to connect with the organization on 
    Instagram and Facebook @cyancanmore or search for Canmore Young Adult Network; 
    Direct connection with Tara on social media profiles: @TaraKoenig

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