Season 1

Wanda Bogdane | Plaid Goat and Aspire Strategic Inc.

Wanda Bogdane: PR and Media strategist, mountain biking thrill-seeker and the founder of the Plaid Goat Mountain Festival. Learn how Wanda came to Canmore through her love for climbing, how she adds value to her clients through her PR and Media savvy and her new project of love; the Plaid Goat.

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  • Wanda talks about how she ended up in Canmore (1:40)
  • Wanda talks about doing the communications program in Calgary with a specialization in public relations (2:41)
  • Wanda talks about her transition to Bow Valley lifestyle (5:07)
  • Wanda talks about her experience with the climbing community (8:05)
  • Wanda talks about her work as a communications and marketing specialist (11:05)
  • Wanda talks about her work in Australia (14:00)
  • Wanda talks about working for herself and starting her consulting business (16:30)
  • Wanda talks about starting the Plaid Goat Mountain Biking Festival (20:00)
  • Wanda talks about getting the inspiration behind the festival (23:00)
  • Wanda talks about the mountain biking community and her research into mountain biking groups (26:15)
  • Wanda talks about the custom beer collaboration (28:30)
  • Wanda talks about transitioning from climbing to mountain biking (30:00)
  • Wanda talks about the regional trails fund 36:03


Places, people and events mentioned:


Wanda’s LinkedIn Profile
Plaid Goat Mountain Biking Festival
Banff Avenue Brewing Company
Flannel Crew Facebook Page
Trail Forks – Razors Edge
Trail Forks – Prospector


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