Season 1

Zach Marton | Piloting the Canadian Skies

This episode features Zach Marton who has lived all over Canada and decided to make Canmore his home. We nerd about about air travel, technology, and how things planes have changed over the years. Zach is someone who is always hacking life and has a curiosity that inquires.

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Zach has lived all over Canada, but at some point, he fell in love with
the mountains and has never turned back.

He loves the social interaction of the town size and living in a
community where so many people are involved in nature, regardless of the

He read the book Happy City and was inspired to move from Dead Man’s
Flats to downtown Canmore, to have easier access to places.

Zach is captain of a 100-seat airplane for one of Canada’s major
airlines, predominantly flying in Western Canada.

He does three or four flights a day, nothing over three-hours long. His
flights connect people to major hubs, from where they can fly around the

Typically, he is away from home three or four days at a time, about 19
days a month.

When he is not working, Zach enjoys rock climbing at the Elevation
Place. He likes the atmosphere and the helpful instructors.

His advice for anyone considering the sport: it’s essential to have
proper rock-climbing shoes. You can rent a pair at the Elevation Place to get started.

You can simply show up, and you will find staff to show you how to do
the different rock climbing activities.


Places, people and events mentioned:

Elevation Place
Happy City by Charles Montgomery


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